A Little bit of Blue Grass, Arnulfo Leguizamo (notes notes) texts from Cambodia, &Mad Men

My Best Friend Teaching the kids English in Cambodia

Today I woke up at the crack of dawn to join my boyfriend, Matt for his shift at his work. Just to clarify, so nothing is misunderstood, I am not working with him, I simply went with him. You’re most likely wondering why in the world I would up at 6:15 in the morning only to sit for hours at The Black Sheep.———–

———-> (Which is a specialty coffee shop in South Saint Paul… I know, I know, South Saint Paul is no man’s land. I assure you that people live here)

The reason why I chose to do this is because we are going to Rochester this weekend and The Black Sheep is actually on the way there. I didn’t want my boyfriend to have to drive 30 minutes back to Minneapolis to pick me and then drive to Rochester after waking up early and working all morning… I try to be considerate.

Here and there.

I’m finding my morning to be not very productive. Thus far I devoured a Bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich on a biscuit that had herbs in it. (I think?)

I had the Columbia (Arnulfo Leguizamo) Which is the cup of Excellence Winner. (Notes, Notes, Notes, Notes, Notes, Notes, Notes, NOTES)

My best friend, who is currently in Cambodia doing humanitarian work (you know teaching English, farming, working in Orphanages, using squatty Potties, battling the rats and lizard that want to cozy up next to her at night and taking showers from buckets) Texted me this morning from her i-pod.

When she was in China a year ago (doing the orphanage thing there) she found an app. where you can text people for free from overseas.

It was/is so excellent hearing from her… AND She told me she loves riding in Tuktuks which is a motorcycle type of bike.

She lives life. My little Adventurer…

And… I’ve managed to watch a few hours of Mad Men.

I suppose I was productive in the sense that I ran a some errands for Matt.

I did this because-

1) I love him.


2) I love driving his car.

It is much nicer than mine and the deer that haunt the highways don’t like running into his car like they enjoy running into mine.

That’s right, deer run into my car… I don’t run into them.

When I climb into his car the first thing I do is move the seat up as far as possible. I have to in order to reach the gas and brakes.   He is much taller  and my little nubs of legs are not like the stilts that are connected to his ginormous feet.

The only problem about borrowing his car is that I always forget to put the seat back to where Matt has it. The reason why this can be problematic is because Matt can’t even get into the car after I’ve driven it… Most people would be unable to, with the seat tucked up next to steering wheel.

I did bring Homework but i’m not entirely sure I feel like doing it this morning. I need motivation and maybe another cup of that Columbia. I’m just so happy it is the weekend an that I’ll be getting out of town with my favorite person… Mr. Red Beard.

I got a new Job. I work at Blue Ox Coffee… Which is splendid. I feel a bit overwhelmed by everything I have to learn. It is one thing to drink specialty coffee and another to make it… I mean you have to dial the shot in and tamp it not crookedly


and after that you have to pre-infuse the espresso and make sure the shot doesn’t


(Did I mention NO CHANNELING?)

and pull it for the proper amount of time… And that’s just the espresso.

I’m happy to learn all this though. It’s an incredible opportunity.

At any rate, I should stop procrastinating and perhaps try to get something done… Like watch another episode of Mad Men.

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