Fight or Flight Instincts, Civil War Era Upright Basses, and Industrial Buildings

One time I was watching something on TV and it had a short section on the ‘Fight or Flight’ instinct that humans have. What I was watching said this instinct instilled in us is very similar to the natural instinct that animals have when a predator is coming. The difference between humans and animals is that animals flee even when there may not be danger because they are not worried about being impolite.

I experienced one of these situations last night. For those of you reading this later last night was Halloween. My boyfriend decided it would be a great idea to pursue an ad that was in Craigslist for an upright bass. The time to check out said Upright was set for t 10 o’clock on the dot that evening.

Matt brought his roommate Dave along for the adventure. In my mind, anytime you meet someone from Craigslist in order to buy, trade, or sell something there is a 12% chance that this person is crazy and intends to harm you. Don’t get me wrong, Craigslist can be great but after watching the Lifetime Movie, ‘The Craigslist Killer’ my imagination has a tendency to run away down paths that are Dexter-esque.

As we pulled up to the building where we were meeting the guy, Matt and Dave started laughing. Underneath the lights of a dimly lit street was an old industrial type building. It looked like something off of a horror movie.

The Man had asked us to meet him by the loading dock.

That’s right… the LOADING DOCK.

We circled the place for a bit and on one of our circles we noticed a large Vulks Wagon type vehicle pulling behind the building towards the ‘loading dock’. Matt put the car in gear and followed behind. As we were pulling up next to the car Matt called the guy we were meeting. Sure enough, the light coming from the phone in the Vulks Wagon lets us know it was him.

I look from Matt to Dave. And then again from Dave to Matt… I couldn’t decide if we were actually going to following this strange man who looked like a bucket of water and soap would do him a world of good. He motions for us to follow him and Matt does.

“Are you serious?!” I whispered to Dave in a sort of Flopsy Bunny Voice reserved only for times in which I am truly frightened.

He grinned, shrugged and began to imitate the primitive way the man was walking. He began leading the way through the old building.

In that moment I imagined a family sitting on their couch watching us through their TV screen. The kids, shrieking at us not to follow the man dressed in all black into the dark, creepy building. Of course, we wouldn’t hear them and proceed towards certain doom inside.

The Building had stained cement floors that melted into staircases and red doors that had been dented. I imagined the dents were from the people before us who had tried to escape from the man at the Loading Dock to look at a non existent Civil War Era Upright Bass. Stair cases melted together and red doors began to blur like fire. I was sure this was it for us.

We stopped abruptly outside a door. The odd man’s small, worn hands reached out, grasped the door knob, turned, and pushed open the door. Inside was a brightly lit wood working shop. At the end of one table was a fit man with light blonde hair and smart black glasses. He looked up and smiled at us.

“This is Carlos” the strange man said.

Needless to say everything was fine. The man really was selling a Civil War Era Upright Bass. It turns out he actually builds musical instruments and it had been brought into him to have it refinished. He didn’t want to put the work into it to do so. Matt decided not to get the bass because the bass looked like it had been through a war.

I’ve decided a few things after this excursion.

1)      Always bring a few friends when meeting someone from Craigslist.

2)      Meeting with strangers late at night, by a loading dock, on Halloween, in an old, abandoned looking Industrial building… 9 times out of 10 is NOT a good idea.

3)      Matt and Dave are either braver or not as smart as I thought they were.

4)      I will wait in the car next time… You know.. to call the police if I need to… or to act as a look out.

5)      Sometimes the best adventures are born out of fight or flight situations.

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