It’s about the Impact.

Too often we go through life caught on the ‘work’ wheel. We feel stuck in an immoveable pattern. It is hard to muster up the courage to stop doing what is familiar, and to hop out of the old situation into something new. It takes courage and fortitude of character to explore new territories and to get off of the wheel and travel down an unknown road.

What many don’t realize is that they are leaders, regardless of the circumstances in which they live daily. When the reality of leadership is understood the person in that role is able to make a difference. Serving others is the greatest example you could give. Taking care of other’s needs is of utmost import. What many don’t realize is that a life can be changed simply by taking a moment to listen when given the opportunity to do so.

Too often we live in the constant fear of not being ‘enough’. I want to tell you today that you are indeed enough. If you put your self worth in your beauty, intellect, status, or anything that is of fallible nature you will live in constant fear that what makes you will be what ends you. One’s worth stems from who they are when push comes to shove and how they treat others when no one is looking. Love even when it’s not earned.

Marks of the best leaders are those of humility and service. Leaders humble themselves to serve those who need them and what they have to share. What you do should never be about IMPRESSING others but rather should be about IMPACTING them. What you do matters. What you share with those with whom you come into contact has an impact.

As a leader where you’re at you have the power to breathe life into those you meet from the beautiful and terrible journey we are all on. Being there for others creates opportunity that allows the people touched by you to initiate and spark change. Take what you have and make it explode change into the lives of those with whom you share life.

If, on this journey, you’re feeling discouraged or tired: TELL someone. Let them serve you by listening. Rejuvenate and remember your purpose. Whatever the reason for the ‘Why’ keep that in the foremost of your mind and dwell on it daily. Doing so keeps perspective and helps you from feeling overcome or overwhelmed when things get hard. Set your goals based on that and RUN after it as fast and as hard as you possibly can. Remember: all of the power to make a change and to lead others is in you.

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