Police, Car, and Life Lessons

I never thought when I woke up today that it would include a trip to the police station.12046861_735262312375_1689410754344088596_n

Matt and I stopped at the grocery store to get a few groceries and when we came back out we discovered our car had a hulk sized fist dent in the bumper. For a minute we stood there totally confused until it registered that someone had hit our car and left the scene of the accident.



Reborn, Reshaped, and Remade

Often I reflect on the changes that have happened since leaving home for school at the age of 18. Like many who transition from the teen years to their twenties I experienced change in rapid succession from one event to the next.

There were many times felt as though I was in a boat without a paddle. FullSizeRender

Marriage, jobs, and two apartments later I found myself in a state of being reborn once again. I embarked on a journey in a new job. Instead of returning to work in special education with students that have EBD, I took a position as a director of marketing,

While the opportunity has been both a blessing and a challenge I find myself missing where I was this time last year.