Reborn, Reshaped, and Remade

Often I reflect on the changes that have happened since leaving home for school at the age of 18. Like many who transition from the teen years to their twenties I experienced change in rapid succession from one event to the next.

There were many times felt as though I was in a boat without a paddle. FullSizeRender

Marriage, jobs, and two apartments later I found myself in a state of being reborn once again. I embarked on a journey in a new job. Instead of returning to work in special education with students that have EBD, I took a position as a director of marketing,

While the opportunity has been both a blessing and a challenge I find myself missing where I was this time last year.

This time last year I felt as though a whole new world had opened up to me. Working in Special Education at an all 6th grade middle school taught me patience I didn’t know I needed and allowed me to grow and be challenged daily.

There was something so invigorating about working around and with people who loved on students so fully. The staff at the school were wholly devoted to a positive atmosphere where students and their mentors alike could grow and be accepted. I built relationships that helped to shape me into a stronger individual.

The kids I worked with will always stay with me. I find myself wondering how they’re doing and if their tenuous circumstances have improved. I pray that they grow into the people I know they were made to become. While they were difficult and hard to understand, I saw greatness in them.

I would still be working in education if it weren’t for my weakened immune system. 9 rounds of prednisone, antibiotics, numerous doctor and hospital visits later, I knew it would be physically difficult to return. Since I was born with severe asthma even a common cold can knock me down for the count. The decision to accept the position I am in now was made with much difficulty and tears.

You may wonder why I am writing this and why I am being so open with my thoughts. I write and share for the purpose of hopefully helping someone out who is also in the state of being reborn. I may never know the ‘why’ of my year I spent in education but I do know I cared about what I was doing with great passion.

I’ve learned the best thing you can do is hold onto your present circumstance loosely and to be open to what life may bring you. No matter how much you love something, sometimes you are called to release it and move forward.

If you hold on to the old way of existing too tightly you may lose out on the opportunity for growth to happen.

Growth is something that is not supposed to be easy.

Growth is uncomfortable.

Growth makes you stronger.

I have found that being reborn, reshaped, and remade adds to the person you are and will become.

I’m unsure of the reason and the purpose for my new chapter. However, I am open to what it may bring. While the end result is not something I can predict or see, I do know that I am curious as to what life may hold for me.

If you’re reading this and are questioning the ‘why’ of your circumstance, keep going and start everyday with an open heart to be shown what you can learn, even when you don’t understand.

That is known as growth.

And that, is beautiful.

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