You’re Not Who You Think You Are

Our thoughts can overtake and overcome us…

This person is smarter than me.

I’m failing as a spouse.

This is too hard and I can’t do it. 

I’m not enough.

No one likes me.

See what I mean? We’ve all had these thoughts and we’ve all pretended not too. Often when things float in our minds, even for the briefest of moments, our gut reaction is to push it down and ignore it. We turn down our inner voice in favor of being comfortable and do our best to continue as we were. Problems ensue when this happens.

When you’re constantly suppressing hard emotions and difficult thoughts instead of investigating their root- they leak out into other areas of your life. Perhaps it looks like being short with someone when there’s no need to be. Or sometimes it can cause you to lash out and not tell the person you lashed out at why you’re upset.

Choosing to try to skate over our inner lives solves nothing and creates more difficulties.

This is something we all do. Our thoughts are our own. Beautiful, broken, and ugly they make up an inner dialogue that only we know exist and are privy to. It is time to start owning and leaning into the harsh things that we think. In doing this you open yourself up for growth.

Do not fear your interior life. Be ruthlessly honest and don’t edit how you’re thinking or feeling. Face your difficult emotions head on. Do this simply because hardship and inner trials are merely an invitation to grow.

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